Churma Laddu

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Churma laddu is a classic from northern and western India. It is much revered in traditional households and is a frequent delicacy during winters and on special occasions. It is wheat flour based laddu with either granular texture or a smooth chewy consistency depending on the preparation method.

Savour the Churma laddu by gifting it to your near and dear ones on special occasions such as Birthdays and Valentine and festivals like Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan), Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Holi and Id.
Barfi, borfi or burfi is a dense milk based sweet confectionery from the Indian subcontinent, a type of mithai. The name is a derivative of the Persian word barf, which means snow. A few of the famous varieties of barfi include besan barfi, kaaju barfi, pista barfi and khoya barfi 
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